Hello world!

Yes, this is my first post. So, even tho’ I’m full of writer’s fright, here I go. It was suggested that I write about myself, and thats’s a good idea because as every writer knows,you should have a thorough knowledge of your subject. Hopefully I know THIS subject well, elsewise how could I write about anything else?  I am a Christian, a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I live in Northern Michigan; lovely to look at, but expensive to reside in. Everybody’s leavin’ town, it’s so expensive to reside here. Two of my three children are still around here. My youngest go-getter left for larger cities and a state that has some jobs with benefits left. Like all Michiganders who stray, tho, she is once again checking the area around here for jobs. .. Everyone leaves when they’re young, maybe, but they come back. There’s something about Michigan. No matter where they go, they come back saying it’s the most beautiful place in the world.  More about me? I think I’ve led a quite unusual, somewhat bizarre at times, life. Now THAT would take some writing . Since I don’t yet know how to format  the tab feature I’m not doing paragraphs. So, I believe I overcame my writers fright tonight  by writing. My daughter and I were in the kitchen cookin’ up a Sunday dinner earlier and even tho it wasn’t turkey we all got full and felt lazy afterwards. Still feel that way, actually. I can’t wait to do this when I’m wide awake and I’ve learned to tab down and indent.  God Bless Every One of You.